11. The Psychologist

"Niet geschoten is altijd mis." -Johan cruijff Ik ben dit verhaal al 20 keer begonnen. I have started this post many times. Nearly wrote the whole thing in Dutch but then most of you would not understand the story. As always I am listening to music while writing. This is on the radio at the... Continue Reading →


9. The one that got away

I have avoided writing this one. Only because he never knew what I really thought about him. I am a loving person. Tend to have multiple crushes all at once, easier to dismiss them all. When I am drunk I am not loving, I do not form attachments but sober....man I like and care about... Continue Reading →

8. Cambodia – Tips and why I love it

Cambodia. My favorite of the South East Asian countries. It reminds me of the place I was born, El Salvador. There is so much to learn here. I arrived in low season. Not many tourists at this time of year, perfect. I have not been drinking much. Focusing mostly on learning and writing. Not partying... Continue Reading →

6. The bug

Everyone at one point or another suffers from some type of stomach bug abroad. I have no stories of my own in the matter. The times I felt unwell I had no accidents however I have a story about someone who was not so lucky. **Ahgnus** was in Thailand at the time. Enjoying everything that the... Continue Reading →

5. Santiago and the lone rangers

Travelling alone. I have read many blogs and stories about lone female travelers. It's all the same. We all start with anxiety, then realise we are never truly alone. My favorite part is that you can be whoever you want to be. However I am truly alone. Right now. At this moment in time. For... Continue Reading →

4. Casanova

I have shared this story with many fellow travelers, had mixed reactions but it is a story. Could write a whole book about the relationship I had with this man. The strangest friendship, borderline love story. **Casanova**. He is the most interesting human I have endured. We met on Tinder, in Chiang Mai. It begun... Continue Reading →

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