14. Top 40 songs from around the world

40 of my favourite songs. There are hundreds but sharing a few. Often people ask me what my music taste is, I like songs more than particular artist so can’t really answer that. These is no particular order and not all of my tops songs are on here but this post would not end if I listed them all. Anyway here are a few, if you want to know, some have stories. Music reminds me of a lot and explains my personality a lot, quite often I am smiling, dancing and jamming. I like to really listen to music hard. The best song is right at the end. I couldn’t fit Shaggy or Tedious D or many other artists I love. So much music!

“Punk is musical freedom. It’s saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster’s terms, ‘nirvana’ means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that’s pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock.”– Kurt Cobain

1. Maná – En el muelle de San Blás

Why? it reminds me of my childhood. My parents use to love this band and it bring back incredible memories of life in Honduras. We lived there 1998 – 1999 during hurricane Mitch as dad was working for Oxfam at the time as an international aid worker. The hurricane was scary and our time in Copán Ruinas was crazy. This year my mum nearly died of malaria. My families life was also threatened due to my dad exposing a story about the local farmers so we had to leave for good. Have only driven through the country since but plan to go back and visit the places we lived. One day I will write a blog about our life there. It was the craziest year of my life and I can remember it quite well.

2. Eminem – Cleanin’ Out My Closet

This was popular when I was 12, lived in the UK at the time. I was not sleeping much at this point. Insomnia took over for a few months. I had learned that my dad was not biological dad. I knew this before but was in denial. It was pretty hard to understand but my parents found my biological dad and asked if I wanted to meet him. I became obsessed with rap. This song in particular because I wanted to run away. I had bad feeling towards my mum for having me with someone else. As a kid I felt left out, as if I was not really part of the family anymore. It was the beginning of a turbulent teenage life. Bad timing really as hormones were about to kick in. A story for another post.

3. Pokemon

This has been the mos played song on my Itunes since Itunes was invented. I loved Pokemon and use to scream this song as loud as I could because I loved it that much. I have a funny memory of a house party I had for my 16th birthday and the boys from my year discovered this was my favourite song, I was the joke of  the school for a while, a school of 2500 pupils…..but it did not bother me, it was funny and I was not ashamed. Jigglypuff was my favourite one.

4. Celine Dion – Titanic

This is my favourite movie and favourite song. It came out in 1998. I was living in Honduras, Tegucigalpa at the time. We had 3 child minders. A lady called Larisa who use to clean and cook and two girls who took care of us called Anna and Patty. My dad and siblings found them again in 2013 when they returned and we have reconnected since then. What he never knew is that they took me to see this movie in 1998, my parents never knew where the obsession came from but the girls admitted to it recently, I always knew it was them who took me but never said. I was rally obsessed and listened to this song on repeat for years. I listened it so much that I can play the song on pretty much any instruments ever made. I have watched the movie over 100times and have never grown sick of it.

5. Puff the Magic dragon

Mr Winstone use to play and sing this to us at Buckingham School in year 4, the year 2000, Shoreham UK. We use to love it when he would do this, nearly every Friday.

6. Somewhere over the rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

I think a lot of people would have their on their list. This one takes me back to being 16. We were in El Salvador. Someone was playing it on the Ukulele in Spanish. He was wearing torn jeans, he had a beer belly, no top, no shoes and just jamming on the street. I did not see any collection hat, nothing. He was just drunk and playing. This song makes me think of a revolution, a revolution I always thought would happen again. El Salvador went through a horrific civil war, my family was a big part of it. I would hear the words revolution a lot and this song reminds me of that. The man who sung it on the streets had nothing, it was 16 years since the peace treaty was signed but he was not over it. Music was his release. I remember hearing mumbling about it, my dad had bought him a sandwich and they spoke briefly.

7 –  Tarantula – Pendulum

This song ignited my love for Dun and Bass. I was a little emo/goth from 15 – 17 and would go crazy. Mosh pits, wall of death, crown during and gigs were a huge part of my life back then. I would always dress smart. A rock top with a tie, skinny jeans, heels and girl next door type make-up but my hair was patchy ginger, wore chokers, skull belts and PVC chain skirts, the lot. Drank a lot, experimented with drugs and let loose, by experimented I think I inly tried weed and 1 pill. Also carried a skateboard and was known for skating in heels. I was not interested in anything but music and dancing at this point. Boys and studies were the last thing on my mind. Did well in my studies and had my first boyfriend but spent most of my time dancing like someone was electrocuting me. I haven’t changed much but dress a little less mental now.

8 – Michal Wrong光良 – 童话 fairy tale

I think this is my favorite song of all of the ones listed. I was trying to teach myself Mandarin, about 10 years ago, I wrote the lyrics phonetically before it was translated and learned it off by heart. It wasn’t until today when I found the translation that I know what the song was about. My my uncles wife is from Chengdu, always wanted to learn the language, she taught us a little but it was so difficult. One of my aims for the next coming year is to learn basic Mandarin.

9. Slowow Redline – Spitting rhymes

Rap is my favourite genre. Very specific taste though. Freestyle and busking like the below are my favourite. At Glastonbury festival enjoyed Sonic state and listening to the rappers whose lyrics had substance, real meaning. Poetry and clever play on words. A lot of respect for this guy. I use to travel to New York often, this is where I first met my biological father. I hated him and never wanted contact again but loved New York because of the buskers and street performers. Was not interested in the concrete jungle, clubs or shops. All I wanted was to watch street performers. Saw someone similar to this guy but was never able to find him on the internet.

10. Just another day – Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers cover by Brandon MacFarlane

This is a cover but love this song so much. Motown, damn I love Motown, use to only listen to this genre during year 10. I had a music teacher who still send me post cards at the time who got me into it, I was in the gospel choir at school and she use to give me solos. I am a terrible singer but she knew I loved it!. Saw this video a few years ago and my god this kid was incredible. Love covers and live singing. A girl from my school called Melissa use to sing to me during our break times. Check her youtube out. She released an album a short while back: www.youtube.com/user/AllMelissa. I am going to listen to this kids cover a few times before continuing 🙂

11.  Bleeding Gums Murphy – The Simpsons

After this episode my parents signed me up for clarinet classes at school. Dayyum this was my introduction to Jazz, my ideal job after this was to be a music producer. Saxophone became my favourite instrument. The blues guitar alongside saxophone gave me shivers. At the time they said if I could play the clarinet well they would buy me a Saxophone…so I practiced everyday. I practised so much I dislocated my jaw trying to stretch my mouth when it hurt. I took a music GCSE and played a clarinet piece for the exam and also produced an electo jazz song. I did ok, not amazingly but man that was such an amazing experience. School wasn’t so bad.

12. The Beatles – Yesterday – Strings

Carmen, my sister use to play the violin. She is musically gifted, she plays the Violin, guitar and piano but most significantly she is an incredible singer. When we were younger I would listen to her playing the violin, it was the most incredible sound. Each note so crisp and clear. I was in Salamanca, Spain in 2013 when I heard an orchestra playing this song. It is one of my top songs, not for lyrics but for the orchestral music. I filmed them and smiled the whole way through wishing they would play it over and over again. When we use to go to my sisters exams, I was 10 or 11, I use to dream of conducting an orchestra. Would feel every note and wish I knew how to crate something so beautiful. I was one of those kids who would watch the credits on Disney movies…purely to hear the orchestral pieces at the end. But I am not musically gifted and only know the basics. If you watch me sing though I move my arms like a conductor, can’t help it. Here is a link to video from Salamanca. It is just a short clip Spain:

13. Little lady – Ed Sheeran ft. Mikill Pane

Discovered Ed Sheeran about 9 years ago, before he was famous. He came to Brighton to support Example at Digital. We were standing by the bar, he was nervous so I bough him a can of Red Stripe beer and told him it would be ok, I told him the Brighton crowd were chilled and he didn’t need to worry.  When he went on stage there were only about 20 of us listening but he got a good response. He performed “you need me but I don’t need you” this filled the room. 9 years later I saw him live again, headlining the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury festival, the worlds biggest open field festival. His recent album was so successful that every song was in the top 40 on the worlds charts. Have a lot of respect for him. I like his old stuff better, especially when we collaborated with Mikill and Devlin. I memorised the rap to this as I use to listen to it on repeat on road trips with an ex. Good memories 🙂

14. El Carnavalito

The first song I can remember. I was young, maybe 3 or 4 but I never forgot this tune. My uncle Pepe use to play it on the flute. After the civil war in El Salvador many of my family members would escape their memories at night by drinking and playing music. My uncle Pepe use to pay this all the time for me. It was like a lullaby. In my post Mowgli you heard a little about how crazy and wild I was, but whenever Pepe use to play this song I would stop still and just listen. Words did not mean much to me back then but music did. I understood how they felt through the music they played. My family in El Salvador do not speak of the war much, they all went through a lot and some of them are still having to do many things they do not want to do as a result of what is happening in El Salvador. I want to write about it but its a really difficult subject and do not think my writing would give the stories justice. My mum is writing a book about her experience as a child guerrilla soldier and that will help you know a little more about El Salvador and their history. It was only today that my mum told me what the song was called, previously I could only hear the tune in my head the way my uncle played it.

15.  Merdeces Sosa -Todo Cambia

My aunty and mum use to sing this all the time. They were young. My aunty 12 and my mum 18 when I was born. They would sing to me so many songs. This one is particularly special because of the lyrics “changes, everything changes”. For them it was a happy song after the war. My mum’s life was changing. She had me, shortly after she met an English man who became my dad. They travelled Latin America together, both worked on international aid. They had 5 children, all born in different countries. Her life changed and in turn so did mine. Hate what happened to them, but the past cannot change and Karma did it’s thing eventually. Mum is so kind and beautiful always, life gave her opportunities her siblings did not get. Because of her I was lucky, I grew up in the UK, got a good education, a good job, was able to save enough to travel and explore and will soon be re-locating to Cambodia to open a hostel. This song reminds me of her and her achievements. Have a lot of respect and admiration for this woman!

16. Kayne West – Gold digger

As a human he is a wanker but as a musician he is brilliant! Heartless is also a great song but my favourite out of his is this one. Dancing is another one of my favourite things and this song makes me was to dance ❤

17. Homies – ICP

This is my favourite band. They are very controversial and the FBI have even labeled their fans AKA juggalos as a gang. However, even though their lyrics are questionable I love them. I like their random insane and unfiltered lyrics. Their music style is similar to Cypress Hill. I am not a fan of their most recent stuff but some of their old songs are brilliant. Most of us go through an angry teenage stage, I did and their song “fuck the world” would make me happy on crappy days. Also as strange as their song “suicide hotline” is it also cheers me up. I can rap that one off by heart. Anyway judge if you will but I really like them, before you tell me you hate them listen to this song.

18. Point of no return – Immortal Technique

I like him because he raps about politics. A lot of his lyrics involve references to the war in Latin America. No other artist does this. My ex introduced me to his music back in 2010 when i was 18. This was new to me, someone talking about subjects the media refused to address. I was intrigued by his other songs and spent days locked up listening to every one of his songs. I was learning about so much. I thought a lot about the topics he spoke about. Revolution was in my blood, my mother was a guerrilla solider, I knew about corruption, my dad was a journalist. His music ignited a much bigger question for me. At one point I spent 6 months off social media watching documentaries and researching conspiracy theories. I educated myself on politics and wars. At the time he wasn’t so popular so I shared his music with everyone i knew. Now he is relatively well known, not so much in the UK but during travel life I met a lot of people who knew either this song or Dance with the evil. Two very good songs. I also like his work with Lowkey, another brilliant rapper.

19. Tchaikovsky – Dance of The Sugar Plumb Fairy

I like classical music too, not all of it, only some composers but this is one of my favourites. Generic maybe but I still like it. I would love to see a dance to this in the style of mixed hip hop and ballet. I find it comforting. Reminds me of my grandmother and Harry Potter.

20. Bob Marly – Is this love

So most of the songs on this list are my favourite. I was about to type it again…Anyway Bob had to be on my list. We all love Bob. Regge is another brilliant genre and I like a lot of reggae artists but this song tops them all. I saw an urban dance group perform something similar to the below video on the Themes in London when I was about 13. Found this video a few years ago and swore to hire a choreographer to teach me this dance as my first dance if I ever get married. My friend Matt told me I would never be this good…so been practising from youtube tutorials ever since…will prove you wrong Matt 😛

21. The XX – Fiction

Don’t think this one needs an explanation. By now you get the jist. Just listen. Was luck to have seen them live at Glastonbury festival this year 🙂

22. Dolla – Feeling myself

This one is funny. I don’t know how I found it. But I did and on my first long haul flight alone in 2003 to NYC I memories all the lyrics. Sometimes when someone asks if I can freestyle I just recipe this. I didn’t know what the lyrics meant back then….now I am a bit embarrassed because I recited this a lot haha anyway enjoy.

23. When doves cry – Quindon Tarver

I can recipe a lot of Shakespeare script for Romeo and Juliet. I really liked this movie and also am a big fan of Shakespeare. This was my favourite version of Prince’s song. This kids voice is unreal.

24. Disturbed – Down with the sickness

I like their style and the slightly insane noises they make with their voices. It makes me want to shake. This song was was the theme tune of one of my favourite zombie movies. We use to listen to these guys a lot when we were kids. Good memories with the Newman lot. The Newman lot were my school friends. We still listen to them and have a good head bang.

25. Dub FX – Fly with me

I saw Dub FX live in Brighton 2016. He was one of the first people I had come across who used looping for his music. It is all his voice. This particular song is one my top because when I was tripping on shrooms in Pai this song calmed me down. It also bring back good memories. Sometimes I get really sad and can’t sleep, this song helps me relax and forget silly thoughts. He has loads of great songs “Love me or not” is another great one. You know, what is really brilliant about music is that it does something people can’t. The music doesn’t let me down. It cheers me up, makes me laugh, smile, dance, wonder and blocks out thoughts. Even sad songs. Busking is the best form of music and this guy begun by busking. He was so good live.

26. I need a dollar – Aloe Blacc

The lyrics, they sum life to me. We all ned money to live, all have stories to share and I like stories. When I was young, before travel life, I use to give my food away in exchange for a chat. My mum said I did this in El Salvador as a kid. As a treat my parents would take us to McDonal’s. She told me that I would walk outside and give my food away to the children, there were so many poor and homeless kids there then. She said I would chat to them and let them eat my food. I can’t remember it but I can imagine they had some pretty sad stories. I did this through school too. Stories were more important then food and pocket money, not materialistic so didn’t need anything. I was a pretty skinny child but a happy one. This is a good throwback to university. I had this on repeat a lot blasting through the flat in halls <3. Its modern day Motown to me. I did not give my money or food away at university, didn’t have any but on my travels I had started sharing again. Mostly cups of tea. I will be blasting this at our hostel so come tell me a story? I will give you a some of my food, cup of tea or a beer 🙂

27. Mr postman – Cragga

Urgh! what a perfect mix. I like this kind of thing. Us English like our dub. Another one that makes me want to dance like I am being electrocuted.

28. Papa Roach – Between Angels and Insects

It is pretty rare for me to like every song by an artist. I love every song by Papa Roach. There is no story behind it I have just loved them for as long as I can remember ❤

29. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

I like her old music more because it was much more Jazzy however this song is unreal. Her voice. I am sure one of her songs would be on everyones top. My sister sung a cover of this. Check it out on here. The tone of this woman’s voice is beautiful. Wish I could sing like this.

30. Hawthorn Hights

31. Skindred – Nobody

Saw these guys live twice during my school days. I listen to them today. I like to get ready to their music, makes me move fast and increases my energy levels. Also a good reminder of the days I was in mosh pits. Crown surfed for the first time to this song. Would love to see them again and crown surf again 😀 Also met them behind the stage once when a friend of mine has to be taken away from the crowds, she was too drunk but it was great! had a nice chat.

32. Gorillaz – Sunshine in a bag

I am old school, not grown out of this era and prefer this music in comparison to new music. Listen to these guys pretty much everyday. Even their new stuff is good but I can’t recite those lyrics yet. I groove to this song. When I am home alone, or even in the bathroom I like to pretend I am playing the harmonica alongside them….

“life is to know the definition of what life is”

33. Black eyed peas – Anxiety

Debated between this and Where is the love. Can rap them both but this one was my favourite out of the two. Papa Roach feature and like how they work together. When it was released I did not understand the concept of Anxiety so did not quite understand the lyrics. I do now but for me it was the music that attracted me to this song. BEP were brilliant when they first begun, before autotune.

34. No Digan Nada Por favor

I adore Spanish music. I could have filled these 40 slots with Spanish songs but this one has some rapping and as you have probably gathered. I really like rap. Also the lyrics are great. “No digas nada por favor” Please, don’t say anything. I lives in Spain when I found them. Spanish guitar is beautiful, outside my work in Brighton there was a man who would play for two hours everyday. I would sit and listen to him during my lunch break. Never grew tiered of him. Love Spanish music.

35. Mos Def – Mathematics

Stuggled with this one. Debated between Mos Def, Tupac, Chuck D, Nas and Prophets Of Rage. Like all their music, all part of public enemy. I call them wordsmiths, MC’s, not rapper. It’s much more poetic than the new era of rap. I found these guys quite recently, maybe 5 years ago, was surfing the net and this came on. When I spent 6 months researching conspiracy theories I got really into them and put them under the umbrella of the best artists of all time in Maz world. I didn’t know anyone else who liked them until travelling. Mr Dutch friend Marre and out Irish friend Tim recognised his music when we were in Loas. I was playing some of their songs and they knew them all. After that met loads of people who liked them. Was pretty damn happy. Further solidified my ideas of living abroad.

36. Daddy Yankee – Lo Que Paso Paso

I like to dance, reggaeton ❤ I am Latin American, its in out blood to love to shake like these ladies. The lyrics say “what happened happened between you and I”. I was in New Brunswick, New Jersey when these guys got big. At this point I met two lads. One names Luis and one names Johnathan. Johnathan was born on the same day as me, the similarities between us were uncanny but Luis has my attention at the time. It’s been 13 years since I met them….John and I still talk. We both travel the world. We had a few years where lost contact but when we re-connected we were doing similar things with our lives. This song reminds me of them. I like the lyrics too. Man! I want to go back to Latin America.

37. Kygo – Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell

This is a recent one. It reminds me of the dungeon at Hanoi Rocks Hostel. Played it many many times. Any time I had a little crush on anyone I would play it to see if they liked this song. If they didn’t I would walk away. Was a good tactic, no one liked the song so stayed away from people I liked. Made travel life easier. Its a super sexy song in my eyes. It makes me picture a fantasy world where an incredible human, like Jason Momoa enters and gives me loads of delicious food with unlimited G&T’s then trains me so I don’t get fat. Don’t ask for much just that. It’s a feel good tune and I can imagine making a good movie to this song. I like making short movies. I would share my youtube account but it is a bit embarrassing. Another day.

38. Your smile – The going goods

I met a guy on Tinder who has become a good friend of mine. He is from Somerset. Before I left we were heading towards something but for me it was better to be alone. He has other priorities too and we were better as friends. We talk now and recently met up at Glastonbury festival. Anyway this reminds me of him, he had an amazing taste in music. Every song he played in the car were on point. Discovered a lot of new artists. This song is my favourite of his favourites.

39. The Moldy Peaches – Anyone but you

This is from the movie Juno. Thats how I discovered these guys. Fell in love with their lyrics. I am little strange sometimes and liked that these guys are also a little strange. Their songs remind me of my relationship with Jake AKA Ash. He was odd but a legend.

40. Crime Mob – Newport

The best one is last. I don’t want to explain why. Just listen and make up your own mind.

Peace out ❤


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