6. The bug

Everyone at one point or another suffers from some type of stomach bug abroad. I have no stories of my own in the matter. The times I felt unwell I had no accidents however I have a story about someone who was not so lucky.

**Ahgnus** was in Thailand at the time. Enjoying everything that the islands had to offer. She was travelling with friend of ours who were recently single so they all let loose a little. After weeks of drinking, street food and experimenting with drugs Ahgnus had an accident.

While the rest of the group were busy eyeing up the fresh male meat on the beached poor Ahgnus was feeling unwell. She was in a shop at the time, bent over and felt the initial cramps of was later to become diarrhea.

She legged it to a local restaurant, sat on the toilet only to realise there was no toilet paper, her friends observed folded over with laughter as Ahgnus ran around the restaurant looking for napkins. She found one. This time she got away with it. She made it.

The girls all agreed to return to the hostel in order to save some of Ahgnus’s dissolving dignity. A tuctuc seems the best idea as they were on a tight time scale. She was already bending over ready to release the next load. The tuctuc driver understood the urgency. He stopped many many times on the way to collect more passengers. At this point he had just collected a group of the most beautiful girls on the island. My friend, Ahgnus clenched as much as she could but the evidence was now dripping from her legs.

Her face red with humiliation, the laughter erupting from the girls she was with echoed. I cannot say it was without warning. She knew was was coming next. She shat herself. Running to her hostel. She had shat herself.

This is not unusual in Asia, happens to the majority but usually we do not explode in public.

Now the thing about poor Ahgnus is that this was not the last time this was going to happen. It happened again. Just a few days ago during her first date with Scottish lad.

There is no real advice I can give if you do get the runs abroad. Just drink plenty of water and stay near a toilet until it passes. It happens to us all at least once. I suspect later on in my travel through Cambodia I will have some more to add. I have heard people get sick on a particular set of Islands. I will test this out and let you know.

Tomorrow I will tell you abut Luke. This one is a bit frustrating but he inspired a trip which I am grateful for. Peace out ❤




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