1. Mowgli

My name is Maricet. I was born in March 1992. In a mud hut in La Joya, El Salvador. I delivered by my grandmother, not a trained midwife but she was a midwife among the refugees during the Salvadorean Civil war, so she managed to get me out ok. I’m the brown one.


I have been nomadic for the majority of my life. Never in one place for long. The purpose of my blog is to share with you my stories. They range, from funny to sad to deeply personal. A lot of stories are a combination of mine and others.

My biggest interests are people, their stories, histories and music. Pure, live music. I also love to climb things. For my first post I want to tell you about me, because you need to know me to understand some of these stories

My mother had me when she was 18. She knew my biological father but he was living in America at the time. He already had a family. So contact was not on the cards. I lived with my grandmother Blanca while my mother worked. We lived in a place called Morazan. My life there was fantastic, I was free to run around the forests and mountains, play with the animals, eat off the trees without anyone worrying. I saw my life similar to the life of Mowgli from the jungle book. Pre-School was impossible for me, I always wanted to be outdoors, hated cloths and uniform. Use to fight with the other children. Felt trapped surrounded by people who wanted me to conform to their society but I had different ideas. I carried these traits into adulthood. Always want more from life. I am not interested in being contained nor settling nor comparing my life to anyone else. I want to be free. Always.

Anyway…eventually I was kicked out of every school my grandmother tried to take me, so I was home schooled and looked after my great great grandmother and a house keeper named Reyes.  Reyes was not a fan. I was a very naughty, had never been controlled nor disciplined before. I would wake up, eat, take my cloth off and run around climbing so she couldn’t catch me. This continued for a few more years.

My mum already met my dad, she lived in San Salvador with him during my first few years. He was English. In another post I will share their story. My life of madness and freedom stopped when I moved in with them. I had to calm down. By this point I had a baby sister. Who I loved like my twin but did I terrorise her. We move around a lot. Between El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize and the UK. Now I had two brothers and two sisters, all from different countries. I also lived in Spain, spent a lot of time in France, did three years in Wales. Have visited a lot of Europe and South East Asia too. Settling for weeks at a time. At the moment I am backpacking for a while.

Now you have a brief history. I travel, move from country to country, place to place, exploring, eating, living and looking for something. Eventually you will figure out what it is. Took me a while but figured it out in Granada, Spain.

Will try to post daily. But its travel life init.

Peace out ❤


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